Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nonsense Aplenty

Doodled some msn crap with Yokey and Ivon a couple of nights back hahaha
This is what happens when i get bored during new year...

No.1 Mech Lolivon Meido [Ivon]

No.2 Sexy Yokey Meido

kungfu kai [me] as their arch villian...

Yokey's rendition of kungfu kai

No.3 Magical Yaoi Loli Meido Trish [featuring curly]

Ivon's response after she got pissed......

Ivon's rendition of enemy no.2 Ah Beng...

curly when not possesed by his hair-eating-evil hat

The doodles above are based on a little story made by Trish regarding herself and her 2 other maids [Ivon and Yokey] cleansing the word of kungfu kai [me], Ah Beng, and curly :D
If you happen to know us and ever get a chance to see the original design by Trish it's just hilarious.


The following day,
Ivon was still pissed.....depicting herself taking a bite at a 'kai'

we ended talking about my hair and thus...

Ivon's version.

and then Ivon came up with Trish having curly hair xDDD

so random orzlll


  1. memang nampak macam you XD *refers to the third last piccy*

    your hair ish sho shiny QwQ it will make girls cry

  2. Hi. I'd like to seek permission to use one of your pictures ( caption "Ivon's rendition of enemy no.2 Ah Beng..." ) as the profile picture of a facebook group.
    If you do grant me permission for the usage, kindly drop me an email at
    thank you
    your kindness is much appreciated. (: