Monday, January 12, 2009

Drama classes + Left 4 Dead

For drama class today we had to act out the expression of FEAR
We had a criteria of saying something and dropping on the ground.
So when it was my turn....i went over the board and crawled backwards with a lot of rolling around and struggling as if i was getting tentacle-raped. Actually, that was what i was imagining after my ass. So because of my stupidity i injured myself pretty much around the exposed areas of my skin on the rough carpet. Sweet.

After that i get the pleasure of looking at the awesomeness of the girls in my class scream their awesome banshee screams. Man, it really gave me the chills but it was a job well done i must say. Girls got an advantage of high pitch screams D: HAXXXX stats +10


These days i rarely ever visit the Cyber cafes, or for that fact, ever play any games except some pretty old old ones on emulators. Reason why is my pc is already nearing 6 years old and can't support graphic intense games like Left 4 Dead anymore. But still it faithfully serves me in produing digital artworks until the day it truly goes R.I.P.

Ok back to the main topic, Left 4 Dead if you haven't tried the game before i suggest you go to the nearest CC around you RIGHT NOW and start joining in the multiplayer games (ok finish up your works 1st of course). It supports up to 8 players, 4 players on each side. Now what is so wonderful about it is the random spawn engine it has for zombies which doesn't make a particular scenario predictable and boring.

Another wonderful point is that you truly need teamwork to win the game, not your solo go type of thing you find in Counter Strike or even the child's play DOTA (this game is overrated). What makes it unique is that you can't go solo...on the survivor side you need your team mates to save your ass each time you're down. As for the zombie side, you get to have a feel of 4 different kinds of zombie which has a different way of playing. Again for full effectiveness of taking out the survivor team you need quite some teamwork.

The game is fairly easy to grasp so it takes only about half an hour into the game to know the in and out of the game. You'll be playing like a pro in no time. It's hard to put it in words, so why not go try it out now. Screw CS and DOTA.


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