Monday, March 8, 2010

March Comes Marching Down

If ever any cute girl comes along to me dressed like this with the same pose, i can die a cutesy death on the spot without a care...

When the blog gets neglected, save it with step-by-steps or tutorials. Yeaaaaaa.
Not very different from the usual step-by-steps i post here, except this one contains some of the quick and dirty techniques i put to use all the time 8D


I'm already feeling the holiday mood and starting to neglect TOA work....I'm so sick of the simplified figures assignment these days that i barely want to do them at all. So i just aim for some C to C+ gradings with my lousiest effort ever. Sorry SS i don't feel motivated to do them anymore.

I don't feel productive lately too. I'm trying to take a short break from drawing and spend some leisure time gaming and watching anime, which i haven't done in ages. This be doing me some good as it boosts my moods recently. I'm no longer so time-tied and workaholic for the meantime. Good or bad thing i won't know, but i live life for the moment and worry later.


i noticed that after entering art school, the effects of the fundamentals that i were taught during my foundation year is seriously starting to show up now. The way i was taught to perceive everything as lines, simple forms and shapes has granted me now the power of sharinga- *ahem*, the power to perceive almost all objects around me into it's most basic form and structure with my eyes. I coin the term "Artnigan" for the ability my eyes possess now, aside from my inherent ability to see everything else in the most perverted way possible (eroningan).

Putting aside all the eroningan-shenanigan-vegan stuff, this new found ability that is triggered subconsciously when i plan to draw or visualize an object, is seriously a big help. There were complex things i never managed to put on paper before but has now become more manageable thanx to 'Artnigan'.

Since it has only just activated in its preliminary stage, i'm still not utilizing it to its full potential yet. I'll make sure to master this skill to level up and have my irises turned into atom-shaped patterns. Maybe as i go further along down this ninj-... art path of no return, i'll start picking up more useful abilities such as being able to plagiarize techniques by observation, heack maybe i'll even learn to see through clothing.

signing off now,