Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nonsense Aplenty

Doodled some msn crap with Yokey and Ivon a couple of nights back hahaha
This is what happens when i get bored during new year...

No.1 Mech Lolivon Meido [Ivon]

No.2 Sexy Yokey Meido

kungfu kai [me] as their arch villian...

Yokey's rendition of kungfu kai

No.3 Magical Yaoi Loli Meido Trish [featuring curly]

Ivon's response after she got pissed......

Ivon's rendition of enemy no.2 Ah Beng...

curly when not possesed by his hair-eating-evil hat

The doodles above are based on a little story made by Trish regarding herself and her 2 other maids [Ivon and Yokey] cleansing the word of kungfu kai [me], Ah Beng, and curly :D
If you happen to know us and ever get a chance to see the original design by Trish it's just hilarious.


The following day,
Ivon was still pissed.....depicting herself taking a bite at a 'kai'

we ended talking about my hair and thus...

Ivon's version.

and then Ivon came up with Trish having curly hair xDDD

so random orzlll

Monday, January 26, 2009


Happy Ox Year peeps!
Hopefully a much better year than the "mischievious" year of the rat.
Much has happened during its reign last year.


Ahhhh.......the holidays feel so nice. So nice that i just want to slack for a few days. There's quite some work to do but screw it for now :P
Last minuteness is good thing.

My bro just got himself a Wii, and i think i'm gonna get hooked to it for a while now. Pretty fun console :3 no special surprise now why it pawns PS3 and Xbox360 hard in sales.

Aside from spending idle time playing games, i did a couple of pretty crappy designs for Kamcao's (My doujin group) new mascot.

Thanx to my leader for telling me she's around the age of 14-16 after i DREW THEM. Well i guess they can pass off for 16.

The funky/hip look which seems more probable in reality.

The more futuristic and sleek design. Has some voice amplifiers clipped to her hair.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh so Shiny!!!

Few days back, i still remember Lecturer M talking about glowing breasts, and about it being more scary than attractive.

now this is something i totally agree with her because of what Gonzo did with their anime Kurogane no Linebarrel, (taken from Sankaku) Seriously....what a way to do censoring.

Extra info for the benefit of those not knowing, some animation studios use this form of censorship to generate sales for their DVDs (which comes uncensored and with extras). The censored version will be aired on TV and they try to cash in on the otaku market with the exclusive uncensored version.

How did our class end up discussing about glowing breasts? because we were on the topic of beer ads using sexy women as a marketing ploy.


Introducing "Arisu" or "Alice"
An interesting interactive toy/figurine that i would love to have, after a few more years of refinement and perfection of course.

now what would my neighbours think when i keep harassing her...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things Gone Awry

Hmmm i'm dry on content lately.
So i'll tell about a couple of strange things about myself.

Firstly, bitter gourd (or what you know as "Fu Gua"), to me tastes close to something sweet and really fragant. I don't truly understand when people go scrunching up their faces and go "wah laO EH~!!! FARKING BITTER WEI". Well truth be told when i was a kid i hated it as well because i was afraid that it was superbly "bitter". But there was once my grandma fried eggs with it, and i ate some (Anything with eggs tastes awesome!). From then on, i never looked back and fell in love with that delicacy which you would either hate or like. I might have taken too much a liking for it that it doesn't even taste close to bitter on my taste buds. So i suggest those who wants to learn how to consume some, start off with how i started as well :D

Moving on, the 2nd strangest thing about myself, which i discovered lately is that i love the pain that comes from bruises and cuts/scratches/wounds, injury which are inflicted mostly on the outer surface of the skin. I kinda enjoy the feeling of pain i get when pressing on my bruised areas that i just purposely rub it alot to feel the sensation. My cuts, when i take a bath or get it in contact with water, the stinging pain i get is quite nice as well. WHAT THE FARK IS WRONG WITH ME. I fear i am turning into some sort of a masochist...fortunately i don't enjoy getting fevers, headaches, and discomfort within my body.

To close this entry, have some KFC and MCD

(source unknown lol)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life Sketches

I'm done with the Warhammer 40k inspired pic. If you're interested check out it at my DA account <<here>>

Time to get working at my other school assignments. I wouldn't say that i have been neglecting them but just that i haven't started putting my best into it i suppose lol.

Damn...i just noticed that i have 3 subjects with the same requirements of drawing life sketches. Perspective deals with drawing buildings and angles. Figure drawing has to do with sketching human figures without them realising they are being sketched (and the lecturer encourages us to draw anything interesting from life). Composition Analysis combines both and deals with arranging elements in the golden mean area. Seems like the 3 subjects inter-relate alot. Now wouldn't be nice if i can submit the same sketch book for all 3.

Dream on kai.....there's no short cut to this. Bah, now i have to lug along my sketch book/A4 papers wherever i go. Dammit...

Friday, January 16, 2009


Progressss of the WIP work.

i'm far from done orzlll
and it's coming out quite differently from what i expected *sobs*
it's been some time since i spend so crazy long amount of time on a single pic.


a Nike Ad vid which i think is pretty cool and relevant to the interests of us designers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jack of all trades, Master of none

Pertaining to the title of this post, i think many of you have heard of that saying before. From what i understand, it means that you know a bit of each but you are not a master in each field.

i disagree. To me it's all a matter of wanting or not to choose to master ALL (er it may be too much but why not at least master as much as you can). Sure you wont be able to do it at once, but why not take your time for it. Never use that saying as an excuse to avoid venturing into areas that you might find yourself excelling as well.

*shrugs* there might be something i am missing from that saying that makes me refute it, but it's just something i personally feel. If you wiki my post title, you'll find that they categorize Leonardo da Vinci under it. I have no idea why though, because to me he is just the l33t3st, greatest person that would put many of us today in shame. To me, he's a master of most of his fields, ranging from science to art. A good example would be the Vitruvian man where he shows his mastery in art and maths. And that is only a small piece of the pie.

So, in making this clear, i hope in some ways it helps you feel motivated to push yourselves to the limit. Learning is life long and till death do we part with it. 'Ancora Imparo' - which means i am still learning is the most useful motto i ever got from Monash Uni. Embrace it, and so you shall embrace Kai-ism as well :D


Today in Cultural and Social studies, part of our discussion was about how the white wedding dress became part of our modern culture when it comes to wedding these days. The west has been hard-selling it onto our minds that whenever you think of a wedding you think of the white dress.

So, why white dress? From our discussions with Lecturer M, i came to know that it was to signify purity and virginity (quoted from her: i don't think these days you are virgins anymore when you get married). XDDDD

Later, she got pissed off at one of the students of her class for not paying attention and so, came the best quote of the day

"if you give me shit, i give you 3 times the shit back on you. If you F**K with me, I F**k you back 3 times more so you won't be wearing that white dress anymore cause you're no more a virgin"

Despite the victim being a friend i know, i couldn't help laughing pretty darn hard. (i'm so sorry xD i can't help it) Even thinking about it now sets me in a serious fit of laughter. That just made my day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Drama classes + Left 4 Dead

For drama class today we had to act out the expression of FEAR
We had a criteria of saying something and dropping on the ground.
So when it was my turn....i went over the board and crawled backwards with a lot of rolling around and struggling as if i was getting tentacle-raped. Actually, that was what i was imagining after my ass. So because of my stupidity i injured myself pretty much around the exposed areas of my skin on the rough carpet. Sweet.

After that i get the pleasure of looking at the awesomeness of the girls in my class scream their awesome banshee screams. Man, it really gave me the chills but it was a job well done i must say. Girls got an advantage of high pitch screams D: HAXXXX stats +10


These days i rarely ever visit the Cyber cafes, or for that fact, ever play any games except some pretty old old ones on emulators. Reason why is my pc is already nearing 6 years old and can't support graphic intense games like Left 4 Dead anymore. But still it faithfully serves me in produing digital artworks until the day it truly goes R.I.P.

Ok back to the main topic, Left 4 Dead if you haven't tried the game before i suggest you go to the nearest CC around you RIGHT NOW and start joining in the multiplayer games (ok finish up your works 1st of course). It supports up to 8 players, 4 players on each side. Now what is so wonderful about it is the random spawn engine it has for zombies which doesn't make a particular scenario predictable and boring.

Another wonderful point is that you truly need teamwork to win the game, not your solo go type of thing you find in Counter Strike or even the child's play DOTA (this game is overrated). What makes it unique is that you can't go solo...on the survivor side you need your team mates to save your ass each time you're down. As for the zombie side, you get to have a feel of 4 different kinds of zombie which has a different way of playing. Again for full effectiveness of taking out the survivor team you need quite some teamwork.

The game is fairly easy to grasp so it takes only about half an hour into the game to know the in and out of the game. You'll be playing like a pro in no time. It's hard to put it in words, so why not go try it out now. Screw CS and DOTA.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Perspective class + WIP

Perspective classes was really fun. Glad to have Lip Wei teaching us again this sem and he rox man. He calls himself lame but i find him really funny and can really grab our attention. We are still learning pretty basic stuff which god knows how many times i've gone through it.

But peace, i shouldn't get all cocky and empty myself up to learn it again. Things will get rougher along the way and this would be one of the important things i need to master to become a valuable illustrator.

There's still a slight barrier among our classmates...needs some time before all of us can mix in like fruit punch.


Moving on, i'm currently working on a self project aside from my commissions.

My current obsession with Warhammer 40k has led me to create the work below.....I'm overusing skulls and chains in my works orz. I promise this would be my last one for a long time.

So anyways, I've already outlined it. Changed some parts as well like the boots. (Made it bigger to crush you beneath it xD)

So what is left now is i'm not quite sure how i would like the colour scheme to be. So it's gonna be a while before i can actually finish this pic. I'm trying to go for an epic, surreal kind of feel for the image. Trying to work out of my comfort zone of just cging in animu style. This project would take some time to complete i foresee >.<;;

signing off for now.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Blogging.....i never thought the day would come where i would start doing it.
Why start now you ask? hmm, i'm pretty uncertain myself. Maybe just to get a feel of how it is like and such. And on the way, pick up some css programming and layout design.

So, what would usually be the content around that i wish to offer?
I guess it would be the mundane things that i do in my life, my animu & manga obsessions, or even philosophical entries from time to time. Also, maybe some of the contents i learnt in art college which i hope some interested people stumbles upon and finds useful.

Occassionally i would also post Work in Progress works to remind myself i have to finish it...
I think that would be the main reason for this blog.

And hopefully, i find myself always dedicated in updating and not leave the blog to rot.