Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Introverts Vs Extroverts

Introverts usually get a bad rap from extroverts. They are often defined in a negative way: shy, lacking in confidence and social skills, withdrawn, etc. Extroverts often can't understand why someone would happily decline an invitation to a party so they can stay at home on their own.

Never has there been an article i read which comes across explaining what i've always wanted to express but couldn't word it down properly. Upon completion of reading this post , i hope you will understand my kind much better.

Extroverts gains energy from interacting with others, which is why they love going to parties. Put an extrovert in an empty house, and chances are that he will be itching to get out and make contact with others fairly quickly.
Introverts, on the other hand, would feel extremely comfortable spending time on their own, because they gain energy from being alone and reflecting, and expend energy when interacting.

Suffice to say that we are the exact polar opposites of each other. I respect the choices of extroverts (ETs) wanting to hang out more often, so i hope the same respect can be shown to introverts(ITs). Exerting yourselves to get an IT to participate is just being mean to the other party if he chooses not to be participative.

One activity that's designed to torture introverts, while providing a spotlight for the extroverts, is karaoke. ... I sat with my fellow introverts and hoped that I could get through the session simply by singing through along during some of the choruses.

Hell yea, what the heack is with Karaoke. Beg as you must for me to participate in one, i will never compromise to put myself in a situation which is awkward to both me and the ETs. I was once cheated to enter with a group of friends before. It was pure torture from the 18th level of hell. I never kept in contact those friends anymore.

Things were going well until one of the ETs felt that they needed to hear an IT solo.

Obviously, some ITs would reject the offer if they aren't feeling up to it, to which ETs will with sadistic glee use quotes like

"Don't be such spoil sports!"
"Come on! Just this once we'll like to hear you do it!"

i say to you, F*CK YOU! i don't usually endorse using foul language in my entries, but that is how pissed i am with incessant annoyances coming from ETs. LEAVE US BE WHEN WE FEEL LIKE WE WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE.

After a suitable period of time, I excused myself and made to take my leave. Almost immediately, one of the other ITs stood up and announced that she had to go too.

We both exhaled loudly as soon as we were out of earshot.

I salute the author for even forebearing with the whole karaoke shit. I would just walk out despite losing friends in the process. Who needs them anyway. Coming out of the karaoke is just like being released from a torture prison except that it's not much a prison to me because i am not bounded by the shackles called friendship. Sure i do give face sometimes and if it goes beyond my annoyance threshold i'm off.

I wouldn't describe myself as being shy or socially inept; far from it. Still, i do feel decidedly uncomfortable in certain social settings. I don't do large parties very well. Over the years, i have become quite adept at faking small talk with strangers, but it's about as pleasurable as a root canal without anesthetics.

*nods head in agreement*
i wholeheartedly support what is said here. And yes, most often than not i am faking a face when mingling with strangers.

I once went to a party with an ET friend. As soon as we were through the host's front door, he was off. He spent the entire evening working the room, talking to different people and having a ball. I, on the other hand, found a free chair around a table and sat there for the entire evening, listening to the extroverts who came and went.

i wouldn't consider myself that much of an IT in this case, because i do mingle around a bit. To which after that i would love to adjourn somewhere to spend some time just sitting around and chilling.

I would rather stay at home with a good book.

Exactly. What's better than having to read a book peacefully or for my case just work on my drawings.

I respect who or what you are. So would you do the same for me?

All citations taken from Monday 12 April 2010 Star paper, "Party poopers" by Mary Schneider. Credit goes to her marvelous article.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Graduation from Bachelorhood

Graduation from bachelorhood, outcast to the brotherhood...

i'm happy for you but at the same time i feel something within me has passed on.

i celebrate for you but what is this knife i'm holding in my hands now?

i share the joy of seeing the pair of you together but what is this red substance flowing down my cheeks?

summer has come for you but winter drapes the remaining few of us seeking warmth from one another.

you managed to break the curse of this sad and ronery brotherhood before any of us.

Congratulations biatch D:

i dedicate this video to you.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Sem breaks are usually when the blog gets neglected. Coz there's pretty much nothing interesting happening for me to rant about. Cept maybe boiling into a hard-boiled egg in this crazily hot weather.

That aside, i'm trying to maximize my personal time during this hols. Live my life to the fullest. Game like no tomorrow. Watch anime like no tomorrow. Draw like no tomorrow. And, last but not least, sleep like no tomorrow. It's the last long one i'll ever get before i get booted down the hole in Sparta. Might as well live like i won't get another chance.

Another year to go, and i'm still undecided of what to do once i grad. When i graduated from my comp science at least my goal then was to pursue art. Now that i'm here i'm lost as to what to do when i'm done with the course. Work as a programmer? then for what purpose did i enroll for the 3 years of torture? I might be a M but not to this extent.

So this leaves me with the next obvious option. Work along the lines of what i'm taking up now. So what will i be when i'm out? Character designer for game companies? Sure i'll love to and is probably what i really wanted but i see it as an impossibly far-off goal as of now. Maybe with opportunities to learn and grow in future then i'll come back to it.

Ah if not that then? Freelancing for advertising visuals and such while i look for another job? Ugh i won't be enjoying this one but i need moolahs to make a living right? If it comes down to this why not. Then the other job might be tutoring or lecturing while i get the ins and outs of the art industry. Coz where i am right now? i don't even know what jobs are there available for me when i'm out.

Moving on, how bout working for animation firms? i can handle 2d animations but if its 3d then goodbye-sayonara-see-you-in-hell. I haven't gone through matte painting yet so i'm not sure how i can be useful in that aspect as of now. I personally wont mind getting a 2d animation job, sure it's thankless, stagnant, and takes long hours to accomplish but i can tolerate that with some prior insight into this field before.

Now the least expected place i'll ever end up in...Design firms. Hell no i'm not cut for design and i know it. Sure it's nice to see well made designs and all but i'm not prime cut for CREATING them. I might be able to produce kindergarten-standard of designs and that's about it. And that's already pushing myself to the limits

How about manga artist? Sure if you can forebear with cheezy titles i might come up with. You might think, nah how cheezy can it get? Seen it all. Nothing will ever prepare you for the furies i will unleash if i ever venture into doing this for a living. Oh but don't worry, it'll be a short-lived one coz i might have died from starvation halfway between and the world will be rid of a pestilence like me. Humans will regain their sight again after this blinding ordeal.

As of 4th of May 2010, Kai has yet to make any decisions for his own future orz
2 years 8 months left to the end of the world.