Friday, February 6, 2009

O Hai Thar

Uh huh. Inactivity as you would call it. Hahahah i've been spending so much of my free time reading History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi that i pretty much neglected everything. Including my sad deviantart page now which is reduced to nothing. Fark i wasted too much time!!! Hmm but i won't say it's a complete waste tho :D managed to sharpen my fighting-pose sense quite a bit from reading it. (And i just love those big boob girls in the manga - Shigure roxxors)

Anyways, a little something which happened before (1) and after (2) the 1 week break for CNY.

i found receipts with piggies drawn on them stuck on my car by no other than the naughty/mischievious/old Celine...CELINE PLEASE ACT YOUR AGE!!!!! (i'm gonna die if she reads this)

Since both of us of the "older" generation choose to save money and park in the back lanes of PJS 9, often times our cars are just back-to-back. Dammit! she's really quick! I had always wanted to do it to her 1st but she was quicker. Great minds think alike.....but lazy Kai lost in execution.


So anyway, Composition class paaaaaawns and makes us yaaaaaawn again. Due to the nature of the class i had to keep myself awake with doodles of the Magical Yaoi Loli Meido. Running-like-a-horse birthmark on leg included.....

......transformation from that harmless loli mode (which appears when certain some1 is around) into an assassin type maid (of my own fetishes). Influences from HSD is apparent in the doodle kthxbai. Trish added Yokey, who also hates my guts lots biting me, which Ah Beng decides to add himself stabbing her.

Until next entry, ciaoz

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