Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Waifu

Happy Birthday to Hatsune Miku (31st August)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What have i become?

i am turning creepy and crazy 8D

warning: do not watch when alone and in the dark

art based on the vid:

normal sketch

reverted it into negative

final product made in wallpaper size, if you're mad enough to use it. i know i am and is currently pimping it as my desktop wallpaper.

Trying out diff stuff. Looks unfinished but i wanted the untidy strokes to give it a creepy feel, just like the vid. Added some texture to it so it doesn't look too flat. Spammed the song non stop while working on it 8D

i'm losing some marbles...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gothic Lolita

Oh my sweet fetish, gothic lolita <3

how i missed thee i have a thing for laces, frills and straight fringes.
i feel that it brings out the elegance and femininity of women.
i plan to start spamming gothic fashion in my art again.

Here's another step by step on how i work through my stuff from scratch

The very initial rough sketch. i like to use diff colored outlines so that i don't mess things up.

Outlined the figure.

Outlined the background.

Filled in the basest colors and started shaping out the shadow areas before i start detailing.

Touched up the shadow areas and added a heavier tone to the darker areas. Tweaked the color to a bit less saturated.

Added the shading for the background. Again i darkened some shade areas and tweaked the colors until i was satisfied.

i realised how i missed cging in cool colors. Lately all i've been doing is color in warm, reddish purplish hues.

i used to shun gothic lolita fashion when i was first introduced to it. That was around 6-7 years back when i was still pretty shallow (still is now). Every time i see someone posting artworks on this theme i didn't spare it a second glance. I thought then this style was dark, scary, taboo-ish. I had no idea why i thought that way at that time.

Now? i dig it. i give thanks to the day it was founded. if i ever get a gf she'll be unfortunate enough to end up being dressed in this fashion at least once by me. (i hope)

*ahem*........ anyways, what i was trying to get at is that to keep minds open at all times. Don't turn down something the first time. Give it a chance to digest in the mind and by then it's your choice not to like it. i learnt not to judge something immediately now but to look indepth and give it a chance before signing it off.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

End of Sem + GACC

Finally sem break is here! though this round i don't think it's very long coz our classes got dragged another week.

Anyhow, this post features some of the works did during the sem.

Typography CD cover, non of the images belong to me although i did trace some of them in Illustrator.



CGPP board game

mix of Smarties and Katamari Damacy

Illustration Fundamentals Final. Wish i did a better job but i'm not brave enough to venture beyond using color pencils alone. I always have fear of trying new stuff without prior guidance.

uugghh i suck at the composition


Prior to sem break, last weekend was GACC (game,anime,comic, convention) down at Malacca. It was a 2 day event and i had to drive down to and fro for 2 days, fortunately swapping between my bro and me.

Turn out wasn't so good this year, since everyone is so hyped up about H1N1. Can't blame them after the number of deaths reported. Anyways, overall the event wasn't as awesome as previous year and it's not because it is missing the Seiyuu. Well, it's just lacking i guess, from the way things were organized down to the control of the event. Anyhow, the Emcees were still as awesome.

Day 1 character design competition which i again joined and bagged nothing :D
Sorcery is the theme given this time and, knowing the mass majority will draw witches (which 2 out of the top 3 bagged the position, 1 was a sorcerous), i decided to go for witch-doctor-shaman-thingy, to which i think i might have fared better if i drew witches lmao. Well, trying to do something different sucks sometimes huh? xD

oh my, maybe this looks more like a fairy, but it's still sorcery ain't it!

Regardless, i still enjoyed it and i can feel my brain juices really flow when a time limit is imposed. Time for some humble pills, i'm just not there yet lol. But i'll keep trying until i do again! Just like the gold medal for my Hammer piece.

Driving around Malacca town, i noticed a shop which coincidentally has my nick on it, "KAIZER" in caps and yellow in color with a stark red background filling. It's a food outlet selling chicken and something i can't remember. Too bad din manage to snap a pic of the sign board. XD Now i can tell people i have a restaurant in Malacca.


On day 2 since there were no competitions to join (YES GACC, WHAT HAPPENED TO GUILTY GEAR TOURNAMENT???!!) Surface doujin group leader Pcmaniac aka Peach, mutilated Mio from K-ON...

wat the....CAN'T UNSEE!!!

his original piece that was sold in the K-ON set...

And so, i decided to have my own revenge on him when he went out for lunch...

XD Yui?

original piece courtesy of PC again...find his works here > Peach Artworks

I had a good laugh over it and we burnt each other's eyes out. Almost made an all out war drawing each others gallery into manly renditions. Fortunately we came to an agreement not to.

Later i got commissioned to draw my own character here below. Strangest request yet since usually fanarts are the things requested.

Got back from Malacca and KO-ed. Took a long time to fully recover my energies. Long distance driving suxxors.

Monday, August 10, 2009

K-ON! Mio!

The initial rough sketch after trying to capture gesture with strokes

Oh shi....i only knew she was left handed after i finished outlining

No problemo! Once i was done cging i flipped it.
Just gotta love working digitally.
'Horizontal Flip' for the win!

Added background and voila <3

Woohoo~! Finally finished this. This be Mio from the anime K-ON! It's for my new doujin group "SURFACE". Will be printed and sold during GACC which is this weekend!

Time to concentrate on Gan's final assignment now...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another one to the collection

Caught up with some Monash-ian friends last Sunday and watched Ice Age 3. Squirrel dood for the win!!! Went for dinner after that and spent time catching up on the years we haven't seen each other

I got a wonderful cap from Australia as a gift from a dear friend!

I like collecting hats, and my fav kind happens to be the ones where the top is flat instead of rounded. I got about 5 pretty unique caps currently + the one i just got from a close friend.

Rushed home at night for an all-nighter date with a board game final project for CGPP.
Will make another post for my assignment works later.

Handed the darn board game to the print shop on Tuesday. Now to wait for the results of printing, write a rationalle for it and i'm done with the tedious subject.

What we did for life drawing class on Tuesday was awesome. We had a practice where we drew our friends by not looking at the paper. All their faces turned out distorted but still recognizable as the person itself XD

I found Beng's one to be the most hilarious, thus the pics below.

Chair's rendition of Beng

My renditon of the retard xD

I think this is how caricatures were born....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank you Mr. Beng

Such good friends i have. No really! i mean it!!

Courtesy of Mr. Beng, who informed me with gusto over this particular page.!
Great Teacher Onizuka Shonan 14 days, Chapter 5 page 10

Karma has a way of going round Beng. I needn't retaliate.