Friday, January 9, 2009


Blogging.....i never thought the day would come where i would start doing it.
Why start now you ask? hmm, i'm pretty uncertain myself. Maybe just to get a feel of how it is like and such. And on the way, pick up some css programming and layout design.

So, what would usually be the content around that i wish to offer?
I guess it would be the mundane things that i do in my life, my animu & manga obsessions, or even philosophical entries from time to time. Also, maybe some of the contents i learnt in art college which i hope some interested people stumbles upon and finds useful.

Occassionally i would also post Work in Progress works to remind myself i have to finish it...
I think that would be the main reason for this blog.

And hopefully, i find myself always dedicated in updating and not leave the blog to rot.

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