Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh so Shiny!!!

Few days back, i still remember Lecturer M talking about glowing breasts, and about it being more scary than attractive.

now this is something i totally agree with her because of what Gonzo did with their anime Kurogane no Linebarrel, (taken from Sankaku) Seriously....what a way to do censoring.

Extra info for the benefit of those not knowing, some animation studios use this form of censorship to generate sales for their DVDs (which comes uncensored and with extras). The censored version will be aired on TV and they try to cash in on the otaku market with the exclusive uncensored version.

How did our class end up discussing about glowing breasts? because we were on the topic of beer ads using sexy women as a marketing ploy.


Introducing "Arisu" or "Alice"
An interesting interactive toy/figurine that i would love to have, after a few more years of refinement and perfection of course.

now what would my neighbours think when i keep harassing her...

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