Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dishonesty is the best policy?

My bro lost his wallet today. More like it got nicked 3 minutes after he was conscious he dropped it. He knew he dropped it when he got out of the car and when he checked his pockets, realised it was missing, went back for it in like the time span of a few minutes only to find that it had gone with the wind.

Take not what is not yours. Don't parents teach that to their kids anymore? Greed is seeping into the hearts and souls of the people around us now. Gone were the days of kindness and good Samaritans. Finders keepers is more the norm now, or each for their own.

I heard that in Japan you'll still find your belongings where it was even after hours of losing it. This shows how society has really deteriorated in this country. Ok la to be fair not only here but its the scenario common in many countries. Moral values are regarded as belongings of fools, and without it is the way to go in order to survive and 'climb the ladder of success'.

I would rather stay the fool and live with a clean conscious than know that my actions are harming others. Let us not be like them hmm Kay?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gender Bender

Ahhhh the CNY holidays. How i wish you would last another week. I feel well rested although i have to finish up my acrylics. Gotta make the most of my remaining 3 days.

Anyways, lately i'm getting alot of the "you look like a girl" thingy again. Hair length aside, are my features really lady-like? i mean i purposely left my moustache and for-what-passes-off-as-goatee to show that i'm a GUY. Even my broader shoulders should scream guyliness. But i guess that can be easily overlooked since i'm quite thin and possess slender fingers of an artist. Come on i even dress like a slop with t-shirts and short pants/jeans all the time.

It wasn't so bad about a year or so before, when i was still working out at the gym. At least at that time i had some mass to gloat about. I'm currently leeching off my bro's gym pass during the weekends but it won't be enough to rebuild what i lost. So i'll just have to live with it lol. I don't mind getting mixed up as a girl actually but i bet the other party would dearly want to decimate me from the face of earth for parading myself as such (unintentionally).

So just for amusement of you dear readers, i'll recap some of the highlights of those moments.

I was manning a doujin booth at a comic convention, wearing a cap and all when a potential customer stopped by to take a look at the wares present. I looked up from my sketching and prepared to serve. When i spoke the girl suddenly was taken aback, and started giggling to herself while mumbling "I thought you were a girl". I gave my usual smile and laughed along. This one i understand the mix up because 1) the booth i was manning would look like what a girl group would be setting up, with pinks and flowery art and all thanx to my doujin mates. 2) i was wearing a cap so it's understandable to get confused.

I was at Sunway Pyramid looking for a prank gift of a spoon for a friend's birthday, when the shopkeeper of a stall near Ace Hardware approached me and said "Miss can i help you" only to realise mere seconds later that i am a guy. Ended up shopkeeper apologized profusely which i merely just laughed and brushed the comment aside.

I was getting a slurpee at one of the 7-eleven's near TOA, and when i was paying for the drink and chatting with my friend, the lady attending to me suddenly laughed and said "I thought you were a girl until you spoke" to which i gave my usual response. It's always about the voice that lets them know eh? does that make me eligible for a Thai entertainer now? without the works and all.

There were several times when i joint my bro for gatherings with his friends, when i am mistaken for his girlfriend to which they will start off with: 1) "Chun! from the car window just now i thought who was that hawt chic together with your bro!" 2)" Chun! you cheat my feelings. From the back you look like a chic. I thought your bro finally got himself a girlfriend".

Years back when i was in Ipoh visiting a friend, we went dining at one of the famous ngar-choi-kai restaurants. The drink lady comes over takes order, and when it was my turn asks "Leng lui oi yam meh ar?" (what do you want to drink lenglui) To which i turn my head and she corrects herself immediately and changes the term to "lengchai" while laughing.

A very recent case was yesterday when i went visiting to some of my friend's place. My friend's grandpa mistook me for somebody's wife...To which the mother of my friend came telling me later and joked about it. lolwut? wife material i am now?

Best is when i walk into a guy's toilet in shopping complexes sometimes and receive funny reactions from the people walking out of it, taking second glances before they exit, or look taken aback. Even those within gave me double looks as if i'm at the wrong place. xD

I have plenty more stories back during my Monash days, about how invigilators got cheated, friends even. But i think that's enough for now. Things like these certainly makes my life more interesting hahaha. Still it's a bit depressing to know that i lack guyliness on the outside orzlll

To conclude, i'm a guy that is lesbian 8D
Tres bien.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Double combo

"Be my valentine kai-sama"

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy S.A.D/Valentine!
._. so boring....

it's nice to eat chocolates already in the fridge today...
*silent cry within the soul*

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Simplest

Designed a simple mascot for a simple site called the simplest which i did a quick favor to a simple friend who e-mailed a simple message to me requesting for my simple skills. That's a lot of simples in one sentence phew. Anyways check out the site for simple stuff related to your computer needs, from handy software tools to tips and tricks to get stuff done easily with your computer.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lame Sauce acrylic finals

Some lamesauce rough thumbs i did for what i'm about to paint for my acrylic finals.

I could do this one if i wanted to, but wasn't the prime choice of lect.

Both tutor and lect preferred me to do this one...i have no qualms coz i did want to do this.

this is lamesauce pic i did to reach the 3 thumb quota.

Hafta show a colour thumb next week. I have to repaint the 2nd piece above to reflect what i want on the board or else i'm gonna suffer later. Oh god there goes my CNY break...3 weeks of total time to paint an A2 size illustration board. I am so gonna die.