Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jack of all trades, Master of none

Pertaining to the title of this post, i think many of you have heard of that saying before. From what i understand, it means that you know a bit of each but you are not a master in each field.

i disagree. To me it's all a matter of wanting or not to choose to master ALL (er it may be too much but why not at least master as much as you can). Sure you wont be able to do it at once, but why not take your time for it. Never use that saying as an excuse to avoid venturing into areas that you might find yourself excelling as well.

*shrugs* there might be something i am missing from that saying that makes me refute it, but it's just something i personally feel. If you wiki my post title, you'll find that they categorize Leonardo da Vinci under it. I have no idea why though, because to me he is just the l33t3st, greatest person that would put many of us today in shame. To me, he's a master of most of his fields, ranging from science to art. A good example would be the Vitruvian man where he shows his mastery in art and maths. And that is only a small piece of the pie.

So, in making this clear, i hope in some ways it helps you feel motivated to push yourselves to the limit. Learning is life long and till death do we part with it. 'Ancora Imparo' - which means i am still learning is the most useful motto i ever got from Monash Uni. Embrace it, and so you shall embrace Kai-ism as well :D


Today in Cultural and Social studies, part of our discussion was about how the white wedding dress became part of our modern culture when it comes to wedding these days. The west has been hard-selling it onto our minds that whenever you think of a wedding you think of the white dress.

So, why white dress? From our discussions with Lecturer M, i came to know that it was to signify purity and virginity (quoted from her: i don't think these days you are virgins anymore when you get married). XDDDD

Later, she got pissed off at one of the students of her class for not paying attention and so, came the best quote of the day

"if you give me shit, i give you 3 times the shit back on you. If you F**K with me, I F**k you back 3 times more so you won't be wearing that white dress anymore cause you're no more a virgin"

Despite the victim being a friend i know, i couldn't help laughing pretty darn hard. (i'm so sorry xD i can't help it) Even thinking about it now sets me in a serious fit of laughter. That just made my day.


  1. Jack of all trades is the 1337 =)

  2. homg xD lecturer M? I love that lecturer!! AWESOME! xD