Monday, January 26, 2009


Happy Ox Year peeps!
Hopefully a much better year than the "mischievious" year of the rat.
Much has happened during its reign last year.


Ahhhh.......the holidays feel so nice. So nice that i just want to slack for a few days. There's quite some work to do but screw it for now :P
Last minuteness is good thing.

My bro just got himself a Wii, and i think i'm gonna get hooked to it for a while now. Pretty fun console :3 no special surprise now why it pawns PS3 and Xbox360 hard in sales.

Aside from spending idle time playing games, i did a couple of pretty crappy designs for Kamcao's (My doujin group) new mascot.

Thanx to my leader for telling me she's around the age of 14-16 after i DREW THEM. Well i guess they can pass off for 16.

The funky/hip look which seems more probable in reality.

The more futuristic and sleek design. Has some voice amplifiers clipped to her hair.

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  1. I did not know that she didn't tell you lawlawllawlawl XD I only knew liek an hour before I told you >w< Because I was working on her as well XD