Saturday, March 17, 2012


"Your answer, lies with this rod that i'm about to probe into you"

Sometimes i go through some of my old articles and wonder to myself, "Wow, what an interesting life i used to have," although back then life was much more hectic with the constant indoctrination to myself that 'I had no life'.

I always feel that my life thus far has been quite a normal one with little excitement to it or none. In retrospect, there had been plenty of moments that i realized now, with a little longing, that i will forever cherish within my very being. My memory is not an excellent one to store every bit of it, so i'm starting to feel thankful to my past self for diligently updating journal entries like a little personal diary to my future self.

So recently i ponder to myself, has the color in my life started turning shades of grey? Things are happening daily that makes my life not at all idle and boring, but rarely have i made any memorable moments yet to be cherished. I constantly wish to hit the rewind button, to return to the past where my happy carefree self dwells without giving a sh*t to the world.

But of course, i'm just one of those who are reverberating the sentiments of a vast majority of individuals. I need to do a bit of self-reflection and start searching for the answers to regain the vibrant color pallet that i seemingly washed away.