Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things Gone Awry

Hmmm i'm dry on content lately.
So i'll tell about a couple of strange things about myself.

Firstly, bitter gourd (or what you know as "Fu Gua"), to me tastes close to something sweet and really fragant. I don't truly understand when people go scrunching up their faces and go "wah laO EH~!!! FARKING BITTER WEI". Well truth be told when i was a kid i hated it as well because i was afraid that it was superbly "bitter". But there was once my grandma fried eggs with it, and i ate some (Anything with eggs tastes awesome!). From then on, i never looked back and fell in love with that delicacy which you would either hate or like. I might have taken too much a liking for it that it doesn't even taste close to bitter on my taste buds. So i suggest those who wants to learn how to consume some, start off with how i started as well :D

Moving on, the 2nd strangest thing about myself, which i discovered lately is that i love the pain that comes from bruises and cuts/scratches/wounds, injury which are inflicted mostly on the outer surface of the skin. I kinda enjoy the feeling of pain i get when pressing on my bruised areas that i just purposely rub it alot to feel the sensation. My cuts, when i take a bath or get it in contact with water, the stinging pain i get is quite nice as well. WHAT THE FARK IS WRONG WITH ME. I fear i am turning into some sort of a masochist...fortunately i don't enjoy getting fevers, headaches, and discomfort within my body.

To close this entry, have some KFC and MCD

(source unknown lol)

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