Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life Sketches

I'm done with the Warhammer 40k inspired pic. If you're interested check out it at my DA account <<here>>

Time to get working at my other school assignments. I wouldn't say that i have been neglecting them but just that i haven't started putting my best into it i suppose lol.

Damn...i just noticed that i have 3 subjects with the same requirements of drawing life sketches. Perspective deals with drawing buildings and angles. Figure drawing has to do with sketching human figures without them realising they are being sketched (and the lecturer encourages us to draw anything interesting from life). Composition Analysis combines both and deals with arranging elements in the golden mean area. Seems like the 3 subjects inter-relate alot. Now wouldn't be nice if i can submit the same sketch book for all 3.

Dream on kai.....there's no short cut to this. Bah, now i have to lug along my sketch book/A4 papers wherever i go. Dammit...

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