Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here we go again.

This morning, i woke up feeling blahs. I had to sit down at my pc and visit DeviantArt. And so i discovered i didn't even make the cut for the top 50 finalists for the DeviantArt contest. Even though i have prepared and told myself countless times that i won't make it at all, when the actual thing hits it still leaves me slightly demotivated.

Truth be told i held some hope of at least getting into the top 50. Yet again i have held my expectations too high and end up hitting myself hard again for daring to hope. I can never get numb over this feeling no matter how many times i've been smacked by it. I lost count how many competitions i have failed over my life. Yup, this adds another notch to my running record and deals another death blow to my ego. A little bit of me dieded again. Just gotta bury it and move on.

Fortunately, despite feeling blahs in the morning, i was glad i attended the talk by Kin Sun. (i'll make a seperate post sharing his gems later) It was very motivational and it gave me the boost again to do what i love best again. It made me BELIEVE that i can. That one day i might end up as successful as him. But it doesn't come easy and requires hard work. I don't believe in luck just like Kin Sun, so it's fine with me to make my own successes through hard work.

random quote: YES WE CAN!!! ~Obama

Speaking of luck, i am a quite a believer of "there is no lady luck". Maybe i have met her before but on a bigger scale and one which is not so noticeable to me. (Like being born into an awesome family in Malaysia and not some worst off place) I have tried very hard to recall any defining moment of my life which has striked me as lucky but i have not found it yet.

Lucky with the opposite gender? nope. In fact it seems to go against me on this matter.

Lucky with contests/lottery/luck draws? nope. Even when i did actually win a contest as 1st runner up the prize was non existent and forfeited because of budget constrant. That hurt me the worst.

Lucky to be selected for a certain something? nope. Hope and hope, it will never be you sometimes.

bla bla bla bla.

Some of the things that people feel that i am lucky to possess. I worked hard for it. It is hard work, not luck. I am instead a very strong believer of hard work. Although even with hard work i might not be as good as many but at least i tried and know i did not fail myself. Lady luck is just a slut and always toying with uncertainties.

I gotta run now. Attending cousin's wedding dinner.

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  1. did you know? Luck is preparation meets opportunity. Maybe sometimes we don't realize it, but we might have let opportunity slip by because we're not prepared? So are you equipped and prepared?