Friday, May 29, 2009

Art Nouveau WIP2

Just finished outlining it. As usual a few changes made during the outline stage. Some things didn't seem so pretty or logical while i was outlining.

Didn't have much time to spend on it since i was busy doing college assignments. Hopefully i can finish it by this weekend. Still a long way to go since i still don't have a solid idea for the background yet. I want this to turn out pretty well so i'm giving it a lot thought as to what to do.

And if you have not found out yet by now, i'm actually drawing my waifu.


No matter how i convince myself, Typography is just not the thing for me. I will hell steer clear of it whenever i can in future. Please please let this be a very advertising specialized subject for the good of the Illustrations juniors. This is way worst than History of Art. I frankly enjoyed both HOA 1 & 2 minus the assignments.

But Typo? ridiculous. Bland boring shit. I don't give a shit about letterforms and all its gawd dang categories. Yea some claim it to be another 'art' form but to me it is just for communication. I can read, good enough. No fancy shit please. Of course you can argue we can communicate more effectively with all the different typefaces, for example using Blackletters for formal certs and stuff to give it a 'classy classic' look. Ok i gotta agree for that reason it is pretty useful.

But aside from that, don't give me all the shit like what i went through in caligraphy and letterforms. Tell a story using the letters......puuuuuuuhleeeezzz DOH!!! ala Homer style. i prefer illustrating something else to tell a story kthxbai. Still, i like the historical part though....

Sigh.....regardless, i still need to at least get through it this sem. Oh the pure torture. They have to give you a bad subject each sem to torture you don't they. Nothing is smooth sailing. But one day i feel i'm going to look back and tell myself, "Shit, i should have payed more attention!!". I know it's bound to be useful but i can't help but rant.

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