Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbyes are Forever

21st May 2009, marks the day silver Proton Saga BDJ 517 leaves the house of Choo.

Even as i am typing the new owner is already dealing with my dad to pick it up right outside our house.

Goodbye, my trusty mode of transportation. I can no longer gloat about not fearing collisions from other cars because of the worth others see not in you. Because of you no one took a second thought to steal you away. No one even bothered to rob the kid that drove you around. You have been my shield, my disguise.

BDJ517 has been in our family for about 18 years, since 1991. The performance of the car is still top notch despite its age but sadly recently the gear box has started to give way, making it hard to drive the car without warming up. If repaired the car can service us for yet another few years. But it is time to move on.

I have been through a lot with you, my old friend. As a kid, i recalled mum fetching me to school, tuition classes and anywhere with me seated at the back most of the time. I took you up about 5-6 years ago and during that time i have taken you as an indispensable extension of my own body. I could maneuver you almost perfectly even in the tightest spots of Sunway toll jams.

Ahhh the good ol' memories of me banging my head and lip syncing to loud music in the car. Through rain and sunshine. Through times when i speeded with you because i was late for class. Through all the accidents and abuse i made you suffer. Through all the 'Samans' i collected with you. Through memorable occasions when i was downcast and drifting melancholically in self reflection. All the sad, cheerful, and angry moments we have been through together on the seats of BDJ517.

Farewell forever. I hope to catch glimpses of you whenever i'm on the road.

You will be missed dearly old friend...


  1. wow...sentimental~
    how r u now?

  2. LOL~~~~~==


  3. alamaaa..kaiii!! you and your bdj what-what-what.. (what's the number again?) aaahahahah!!

    deyy 18 years arr seriously?? almost as old as i am..fuhh!! no wonder you emo..eeehee!