Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Please forgive this poor soul Gan... orzlll
Shaun...i'm gonna join you in not doing the figures holidays assignment. I actually did something. 1 piece of coloured figures and another incomplete piece which i was too ambitious with lmao.

There are 2 more days before Friday but i'm currently working on the DA contest entry Good vs Evil theme. Here are the WIPs.

the initial rough idea. complete mirror images except the facial expression
editted the reflection because i improved on my rationale

cliche....totally cliche....i'll put up the complete version later with my rationale. By then it will turn out even more cheezier because of the rationale.

Anyhow so far so good to the classes i've been attending. I'm wondering why we have Typography....hopefully it is more bearable than calligraphy this time around.


oh i forgot to mention, quote of the day,

"Tatsun is out of proportion" ~Lip Wei

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