Friday, May 8, 2009


It seems i lack content for my blog during the holidays. That is a good thing. Means that i am more occupied to be spending time contemplating about things that contradict myself sometimes. But anyhow, sem is starting in about a couple of days more and i'm not too keen about it as usual :P

Anyways, just yesterday i went to get my results, timetable and meet up with Andy, Racist D, Jun, Phee Chien and not to forget Ah Beng who was cheated into coming because he thought there was a dota game on, courtesy of PC.

Timetable is pretty awesome with no Saturday classes this time!!!! HO YEA!!! 1 subject per day totaling 5, excluding moral. Now i just can't resist rubbing it onto those who has to take it. BOHAHAHAHAHA~~!!!!

To answer some ppl asking why i never draw guys, i do, but i do not post them up my DA gallery because, well, i prefer to post my voluptous beauties rather than plain old boring guys. And to imagine it was the guys asking WHY I ONLY DRAW GIRLS. Common sense doods, where is it? You have a joystick (literally a 'joy' ' stick'), so do i. Stop wanting to see more sticks drawn by some other guys. This shows how unhealthy you bunch are.

here is one incase your tastes are skewed. I am in no position to bend you back to the light side.

So anyways, i met up with the guys because Racist D wanted to know how i worked with my cgs, and so i was about to start from scratch outlining a fresh piece for usage. But the tedious work of it turned him off and i worked on an existing old lineart i had.

Results, after maybe about an hour plus i was done with my little 'demo'....

...and when i got home i decided to repair, flip, and finish up the pic.

Later Jun asked about the method i used when coloring in greyscale. So i chose my waifu for an example this time.

I started off by sketching the rough and doing a quick outline on a diff layer. Then i started filling in the base grey scale shadings on another layer.

I proceeded in using another layer to fill in the colors with layer settings set to 'Overlay'. I stopped here and we all went for lunch. I continued back at home later that night.

From here on i merged all the layers together and started painting over the outlines and touching up some parts.

More touching up and added some depth into it with higher contrast shadows.

Added some reflective highlight from her purplish headgear lights as well as a blue-ish top light. Made some simple 'Rhythms' to the background so as to make it more interesting. It can be considered to be finished here but i wanted to add more impact with the colors...

...and so I dodged tool some highlighted areas, created another layer with 'Overlay' settings again and started making the reflection more prominent and bring out the eyes with blue-ish glow. Also i darkened the bottom part to make the image less flat.

The stuff i did above was mostly done with Paint Tool SAI, using photoshop only at the very end to touch up and save up.

After my initial 'demo' i had Jun teach me how to use color pencils for figures drawing. Goddam he's really good. Oooooh the patience. How i wish i had that when i did my figures. Well at least thanx to him i have an idea on how to work on my remaining holiday assignments. I might not achieve his standards but i must at least try not to disappoint him :P

I need to get working on it soon. Been slacking off purely on my own works that i haven't done anything for my assignments. I think Gan won't bite but lets not misuse that advantage. I try not to disappoint such a great lecturer like him.

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