Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Nouveau

something i'm working on right now, trying to do something i love combined with art movements. Getting the inspirations from Alfons Mucha. Currently it's still very bare without the framing thingies art nouveau styles are famous for.


Anyways, the weather these days are killing. Baking hot and that's coming from me that fears cold way more than heat. Sucks to have false rains all the time.

My body is currently quite sick or 'heaty' as chinese people would call it. I've already been assailed with a few body ailments non-stop, rashes and eye sores to name some of them. One after the other. Gah.

Toa has been kind thus far, only qualms is that i'm not happy with having to take Typography. But oh well, i shouldn't complain as i have NO MORAL CLASSES BOHAHAHAHA!!! Oh~~~ you poor poor people. SPCA, community services, fund raisings, etc. Ahhhhh ain't all those fun. I better stop now before some of you decide to gank me in class.

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