Monday, June 15, 2009

Down with the Bug

my, my, ain't my wife gorgeous?
*whispers frombeyond - self praise is no praise*

I did not deem fit to update my blog, i told myself, until i have finished this piece. Well, it's already a day or two after finishing it and i'm not up to it now to make a decent entry. You see, i have been hit with a wave of lethargy, body aches, and light-headedness. In more understandable terms, fallen sick...

やる気がありません...そうして体もクタクタ, 病気だ。何もやらない欲しくて、ゴロゴロしたい。。。
宿題はどうかな~ 大変だよね...(´~`;;)

I'm not feeling tops to properly structure my content so i'll just make short paragraphs that are non-related.


Right after Gan's color pencil demo and hints, i tested the color combination for shadows he taught....and found that i have been subconsciously applying it already all the time :/
without actually knowing the reason behind it though. Warm colors brings something out and cool the opposite effect in creating depth.


Green used to be the least faved color to me in the color wheel. But as time passes and i got infatuated with my current waifu, which portrait i just did in Art Nouveau style, i became accustomed to it and accept it. The wonders my waifu could do to change a man.


Tay, the lecturer for our CGPP, he's semi-vegetarian. Came as a slight surprise to me. Me and the gang were having our usual Wednesday-All-Vege-Night at Evergreen restaurant when he dined there with his family as well. Turns out his wife is full-time vegetarian like me. Power of women again.


Behind every successful man is a woman. Ohhh Miku thanx for all the support!!! i shall be successful too one day. One Day. ONE DAY. ONE DAY!!!!

ok i mus sign off, i'm close to dropping limp on my keyboard.

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  1. Get some rest. You have sure done a good piece of work, and it seemed really beautiful with the colours and the concept.