Monday, July 27, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events


My Desktop Computer dieded on 27/07/09 which was just last night. There goes spamming my favourite songs while i work. Somehow it always gives me problems towards the busiest moments of my semester. Fortunately i always do my TOA related work on my laptop. There goes producting new CGs for a time...

I left/lost my pencil case full of my trusty art tools at Zhia's Kitchen today for lunch. I hope it's still there tomorrow hopefully kept by the staff.

I made a stupid mistake of outlining my strokes before printing my SpongeBob packaging. I lost the bone design i did for the border of the back flap in the printing. Sigh i'm gonna just hand it in since it costed me some money there.

I can't really do simplified figures now that my tools are missing. I have to dig out some scraps of stationary that i have stashed somewhere to resume.

Stress is building up since the final assignments are all pilling in. I'm not good at handling stress eversince the days at Monash. Bear with me if i accidently yell at you or give you cold shoulders. I'm not in the bests of mood now.

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