Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ah, i was suddenly interested in bringing this up.

I do believe they exist around us all the time, it is whether we are blessed (or cursed) to be able to see them. I choose to think of it as a parallel world or one of a different dimension. I am fortunate that i have not been graced or even encountered one in my years of life up till now. I hope there isn't an exception to my future. I respect its existence and dare not challenge it although i am quite a scientifically rationale person.

Truth is, i am very afraid of such things. It is natural for humans to fear the unknown. In my case i have always been exceptionally paranoid and afraid of ghosts. I used to recall having to sleep with my parents for a week as a child after watching horror movies. Sometimes even longer. I was a kid that was very, very, afraid of the dark and always had to sleep with a night lamp.

Even though i was sharing rooms with my bro back then, i was always afraid once the lights went off at night. I slept at the bottom bunk of the double deck bed and usually my mind goes wild when i lay on it, thinking about the things lurking beneath the void of my bed. I know it was all imagination but i felt afraid and lay very still each night, willing myself to doze off.

To further bring in proof of my paranoia, going into a room with no one by myself IN MY OWN HOUSE was enough to scare me. I always found the lights switch pronto, say a little prayer for myself and got in. Darkness scares the hell out of me. I hallucinate that at anytime ghosts appear in front of me unbidden.

Also my old house used to be quite small. At night when i worked on my pc in the 2nd floor out in the hall, i am very afraid of the stairs behind me when no one is downstairs anymore. The darkness beneath scares me that i have to look over my back occasionally to assure myself. And let me tell you that i was at about 18-20 of age. I guess the passing of my grandad years before then did nothing to sooth my nerves. I told myself it was silly of having to fear the presence of my own imaginary grandad but i still freak myself somehow.

I did eventually get out of this fear of darkness, but horror movies and stuff related to horrors are a no-go for me. I will feel really uncomfortable for a few days to weeks after watching em. I am almost practically immune to gore and blood, but ghosts? nuh uh. Still scares the shit out of me kthanxbai! If i had a girlfriend and we somehow ended up watching horror movies, i will be totally hopeless in trying to act brave. Instead high chance i would be the one hiding my head in her fair bosoms, weeping like a little terrified child. (and taking advantage)


I have heard stories of people having the '3rd eye' which enables them to see ghosts. Some used to have it when they were kids and eventually grew out of it. Some got it after getting into accidents. Some just have it all the time and choose to remain quiet about it.

I can't imagine myself being able to see them all the time. I will freak out maximus. I am curious though, how would those who can see ghosts since they were born feel about it. Numb? Normal like breathing? or is that why we have mad people around?

So to wrap this up, i think i have given more ammunition to people who want to seek revenge on me. Don't say that i'm not kind enough to let you know what gets to me. But i wont go watch horror films with you willingly. Not unless you tie me up and drag me there, to which you can try.

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