Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enjoy first, Die later

Well, yea. I had a good time at Daicon during the weekend last week, and now i'm suffering like shit trying to catch up on the work i had not done or touched at all.

You see, last week on Saturday and Sunday there was an ACG event (short for Anime, Cosplay, Games) at Cyberjaya. More precisely in MMU. I was there with my bro and he was the camera man for 2 days. He finds nothing interesting out of these events and so, proceeds to ask me why i always find it enjoyable to attend it from the time it starts till the end.

Why? I wasn't so sure myself until i gave it some thought. I guess it's due to the fact that people attending this event smells the same as me. And when all of us gather at the same place at the same time, i seem to resonate accordingly and in perfect harmony with the surrounding 'chi' on the molecular level. It is a pleasant feeling that i cannot describe. Much like i think if you hang out in the library you naturally want to study sort of thing.

That is not the only reason though, i like to meet a new pool of art talents related to my hobby and at the same time, inspire those starting out to follow onto my footsteps. It is nice to see that my amateur-ish works help inspire some of the budding artists who want to take onto manga-style art. Also, when i sell my wares (which this time around are only badges) i love to see the happy faces my customers have. I guess that is why i love doing what i'm doing.

Also, during such events, i do not have to worry about restraining and composing myself from acting like a moron and idiot. No one judges the way you act as they too, let go of their reigns. Sometimes i like looking at what embarrassing things some people might do and laugh out thinking to myself that i would not repeat what he/she did. I think the same happens when i do something outrageous as well :P (well it's contageous)

Neways, nothing much happened on day 1 except my badges of 75 were sold till 9 were left. Also i discovered some people have weird commission tastes. Here is what i meant.

Rei Ayanami from Evangelion doing a Kamen Rider 'Henshin' or transformation pose. -_-;;

Slightly more stuff happened on day 2. I joined a character design art competition. Didn't win as usual but i'm still pretty happy with my own stuff. 2nd and 3rd place was taken by my Kamcao doujin group members :)

I dunno what happened to the original prize, which was supposed to be airbrushes, i heard rumours that it got stolen. So they got cash instead ;A; *screams silently in jealousy*

3rd place by Daniel Lee. Didn't snap the other works sorry ^^;;

my entry, well...sorta reused but yea i love this design. I broke the rules which was why i assumed i missed the chance to grab a position :P (I'm just blowing my ego up to feel better orz) Wasn't supposed to depict religious-related material which i did with the wings and halo. bleh.

After the competition was the arrival of the 'Seiyuu' (voice actor) Chihara Minorin at around 3.30pm for her concert. She voiced acted Chiaki from the anime Minami-ke, Yuki Nagato from the anime "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi", and etc. I wasn't particularly interested but i guess this is the closest thing i would come to attending a 'concert'. I didn't get special tickets to see her upclose but it was good enough all the way back at the hall. I had some friends who managed to secure tickets and ended up having sexy voices after screaming throughout the concert.

Somewhere along the concert, Chihara used Chiaki's voice and said "Malaysia saiko da bakayarou" which meant "Malaysia is awesome, Idiot!". Many took it as an insult because they did not understand that she was voicing and playing out Chiaki's role lmao. Research up people if you are true fans xD.

Back to the weekly routine of unlimited home works.
I am the bone of my pencil...Over a thousand prons i have drawn...Unlimited HOMEWORKS.

i need a break...

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