Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kai-ism demands respect!

Bohahahaha again it has been some time since my last entry. Kai-ism states that i must slack off whenever i can and pretend to be busy.

Anyways, it has become customary lately that i get notes or 'summons' frequently each time when i head to my trusty mode of transportation. Eversince the location where i bank my ancient relic has been found to be pretty consistent at the same spots, i have great fans of Kai-ism dropping notes on my windscreen and toying around with whatever apparel which they can find on it, which many a times is the windscreen wiper. Oh thank you great worshippers, except for the one other relic which might be older than my car, who does not seem to know how to behave herself and act her age. Now death alone is too good a thing for my followers. I shall bless them with 9 generations of Kai-ism.


It is almost time to rejoice, or maybe already time to rejoice as the amount of subjects have greatly decreased to 4, which by next week 3 would be left. Now which one next will be eleminated. Find out next on Americ...i mean on kai-ism.blogspot.

Ahhhh life is so beautiful when i can start concentrating on the more time consuming subjects now and put more effort into it. Things are starting to take a turn and i'm actually starting to get a B- FOR FIGURES! finally bitches!!! C...Co...COMBO BREAKER!!!

Anyways, another fun thing to note is the final assignment for figures which i can look forward to cging. I hope i won't slack off too much for it as finally, FINALLY there is something which i am more than happy to do without much persuasion. Those in the dark about this matter will know more when the time comes. I'll post it here :P

Because of that assignment i'm currently brimming with ideas i would love to execute, so i think some of the thumbs i did but failed to pass the "ALMIGHTY GAN" standards will be refined and carried nonetheless when i have more 'personal space'.

Stay tuned for more kai-ism next on the next episode of Americ.....kai-ism.blogspot.

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