Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yes, it has been sometime now since i last updated.
@.@ oh boy the most hectic week just passed me by. Drama classes are all over now so my mondays are off mwuahahaha!

It's officially exploration week next week but it's filled with replacement classes again. For some reason this time around i'm not that particularly disappointed. Something is not right with me. It must be the numbing effect that is a result of the previous sem that has caused me to be immune to such things anymore o.o!

Anyways, today i'll like to do a little introduction on Vocaloid and what it is. Jun just asked me about it a few days back and i was wondering, why not spread the thing that is the obsession of this blog's owner.

Well, basically it's a voice synthesizing software whereby depending on the generation and unit, produces a generated voice for your song generating purposes (when you know your own voice will make babies around the world cry or even those on youtube). So depending also on the expertise and skill of the composer, songs can turn out to be close in resemblance to the pitch and tones equivalent to an actual singer.

With the release of Vocaloid2 series Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), the Vocaloid series got popularized, all thanx to Nico Nico Douga (jap-version of youtube). People started posting their composed songs together with 2d+3d generated videos and soon Miku turned into an virtual diva/idol. Subsequently better improved versions like Rin&Len and Megurine Ruka (the latest) were released. Fan made artworks started flooding the imageboards of the internet. Even the Vocaloid1 series Kaito and Meiko were not left out of the circle.

Well, i won't get into the finer details so if you're interested hop on to wikipedia for some facts.

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