Sunday, April 5, 2009







Anyways i almost dieded this last week working on

for figures 3 final due on Thursday

and for perspective due on Saturday

I just love purple don't i? both versions look so purplish orzll
Bigger versions here and here

oh mai gawd working nonstop on 2 full scale cgs within a span of a couple of days is tiring and crazy. After figures class on Thursday i went home straight, kaputted, woke up for dinner and kaputted again till the next day. I woke up on Friday cursing myself for the work not done for Saturday.

From 10 am till 6 am on Friday, i sat in front of my computer working the piece for perspective, halfway almost giving up and just submitting the bare minimal requirement of an outline (at 10 pm). But something inside me wouldn't let that happen. It is the "Xiao Qing" effect part within me which tugged at me. Something flared, telling me that i should not shame my religion and God (Xiao Qing) and thus i pushed on. Coincidentally at 1 am i got words of wisdom and encouragement from the GOD XIAO QING and thus i persevered.


If paid off.....though i wasn't really satisfied with both the works i did, but still i felt proud of the achievement.

I felt liberated after handing it in on Saturday 10.45 am...

I had wanted to head home to rest then but i made a tradition promise of a dota match at the end of each sem with my gang. (the one and only time i will play) And so headed off for lunch and later the CC. Game ended at around 4.30 pm. I got home at 5.30 pm.....

KO-ed straight on my bed. I vaguely remember my mum trying to wake me up for dinner but i swatted her off and continued my slumber. I woke up at 8.30 am the next morning...took breakfast.....kaputted again at 10 am till 1.30 pm.

Headed off to town with my parents and bro for lunch, and later picking up Kei's artbook at Kinokuniya. Got myself some damned expensive ImagineFX mags and another Warhammer 40k omnibus of the Blood Angels.

Signing off now, stay tune to more kai-ism posts later this week.

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