Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The basic principles of Kai-ism

Subconsciously, after knowing someone for a while, his/her traits will rub off onto you whether you like it or not. To illustrate this, let me give a scenario based on what i have experienced myself.

example 1

When i'm giving advice to a friend, i tend to act and imagine myself being my father at times. Like really donning on his very body and speaking through it. Of course i am still myself, but i have brought along traits that he portrays when doing the same to me.

example 2

This i think some of you can relate to easily. When i mix around Mr D for too long a time, i bring home some traits of what he keeps saying when i'm around him. It's like he goes "RACIST THIS RACIST THAT" and then you tend to carry that around with you for a while and use it yourself without his presence. At that moment and that time, it feels like you are Mr D. Of course whether you will continue that or not, time will eventually evaluate that.

example 3

When i witness a certain gesture from someone, lets say Mr AB, that i find interesting i would then unknowingly repeat it in the presence of others. At that particular moment i feel like i am Mr AB himself doing that gesture and a part of my mind flicks over to think that i am exactly Mr AB now (which by now i would guess his behavior and how he would act).


Those are some the examples that i can come up with right now. I know i'm missing some good ones but i think for now it's enough to get my point across.

In a way, after your first encounter with a stranger, inevitably some traits from him/her would rub off onto you. So a part of that person is fused into you subconciously. He/she has passed on a little of their "essence" into your very being.

I think the closest word that can describe this is "influence" but that's not it. It's like you are that very person itself at the split second you think you are. A mind link sort of thing where you drag out and bring that person into yourself. The longer you know that person the easier for you to visualize as him/her.

In some cases doing what i have mentioned above has helped me achieve things i couldn't before. By willing myself to be another person i have managed to overcome insurmountable problems.

So how much of yourself remains after all that other-person-thingy? Are you still your original self or are you borrowing the skins of others and making it all into a cocktail you call yourself?

I guess everyone differs because it is in our abilities to filter out what we choose to mix together to form ourselves.

In the end, i might just have written something incoherent and confusing. It proves nothing other than that i'm doing my usual crapping. But know that once you have read this article up to this point, a little bit of Kai-ism is already passed on to you :D IT'S TOO LATE TO REGRET NOW!!! I AM SOMEWHERE LURKING WITHIN YOU NOW!!! *mind raeps*


Have a little work in progress before the post ends. Year of moo moo new year pic which i has procastinated long long.

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