Monday, February 16, 2009

Drama class - Objects and Appearance

@.@ oh my i'm so glad one of the major drama acts and appearances are done with. Now just have to go for the last push for the final drama next week orz.

For objects, we were supposed to come up with a play which incorporated

"Repressed Homo Desire, Forgiving Heart, Renewed Confidence, Machine Love"

Needless say it was stupidly hard to come up with a story. But fortunately my team of 4 including me managed to scrap through with a B++ even though it wasn't strong enough and not exactly entertaining. (i'm sorry my team mates TwT)

Basically the story line was cheezy, with a perfect guy which excels at everything he does, except...the catch is.....perfect guys are always gay :P So he comes up with raunchy dreams about his best guy friend and finally decides to confess to him. But too bad, he was rejected and thus bla bla bla he go builds himself a life partner of a robot which was supposed to have human emotions.

Anyways, i like the play done by Terry the best, though i would say Pei Yoong's group was equally as entertaining xD. Sorry though coz i won't write a sypnosis about it lol.


And so even after a hazardous performance of drama, it wasn't the end yet....

We still had to do an 'appearance' whereby we were to work on conveying a certain emotion to a fictionaly character B. We have to keep talking for 30 seconds or more on the theme, and of course showing the appropriate mood to go along with it. I'll break it down to it's category, the first being:-

A scolding B [anger involved]

Oh how much fun and anger for this part. It must be due to all the stressed up moments we students of TOA have accumulated throughout our semesters. 8D everyone was having fun yelling away and swearing like it was no tomorrow. Poor Ah Beng had to be the model B which was supposed to just sit there and be empty. (For the benefit of those not knowing, 'empty' is just an emotion blankness where the person is not supposed to do anything and just stay there with a poker face throughout 'empty') He had to receive the most amount of punishment and bad 'chi' from almost all of us. Should have seen it when his turn came. He was almost bursting with anger. xD One can see all his neck veins popping out and his face turning red from all the stress lolololol.

For this, i imagined a certain 'Satan' at home which i came to quarrel with. So its was easy as pie to vent out all my pent up anger to that person. [If you're reading this and know who you are, thanx bitch D8]

followed by,

A expressing love for B [be it family or lovers]

Erm, nothing to much to say here except it was a solemn and at times a tearful moment when each of us took turns to express our love to our designated target. So as to keep it a secret among our own group, i won't disclose the name of my classmate whom i feel did the best among all of us when he/she conveyed it with tears. I was moved as well @.@

Oh we had the romantic type as well where love is expressed in poetic-flowery-sugar-coated words which might come in handy when i'm trying out some pick up lines next time hmmmm....

And finally,

A expressing excitement to B regarding C (object or person)

This part was interesting as well. I got to see all kinds of excitement level ranging from fangirling-type to the creepy-sensual-stalkersan-type lmao. Felix's excitement appearance really had me cracking xD. It was about - A bully who apparently kicked the bucket......the catch? it was only in the FPS game xD! nice twist to the end lol.

I didn't do too well at the 1st try as i wasn't really comfortable with my written script of meeting Steven Spielberg. I had to really stretch it to meet the time requirement. So in a way i was kind of binded by time and couldn't go all out. But i redid it and got better grades :D Actually i was sort of reluctant and content at 1st but with support from lecturer and classmates i eventually succumbed and came up something new altogether. Lol again, thanx to some of my classmates who checked out my blog, (hence they knew about "ALICE" or Arisu) giving me inspiration of using Alice as a theme for my appearance of excitement.

With a little bit of a maniacal excitement/laughter, combined with perverted otaku-ism and ideas from the manga "THE WORLD GOD ONLY KNOWS" (where the main chara finds 2d girls > 3d/reality girls) i managed to pull off a much better version which sent Ah Beng who was supposed to be my empty model cracking under all that randomness XDDDD! (empty models are supposed to remain empty till the appearance ends) In the end i came home suffering from stomache cramps and i still have it now dammit! XD

And to end it, thank you drama studio carpet. Thanx to you i'm filled with carpet burn scars all over. Without fail i will be inflicted with some damage every week.

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