Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Girlfriend is the President

My my, interesting what ero games come up with these days.

Moe school girls for president?
Another moe school girl as the Tsar of Russia?
Pope as the Sith?

Yes we can....YES WE CAN!!!!

i'll try not to laugh myself to death xD

This is another reason why the japs are so f**ked up.


On an unrelated note, i passed up the halloween pic i did in the previous post for one of the imagination pieces of simplified figures. Comments i got from my tutor SS?

"try not to make it so manga style...." ~SS

i don't blame him as my other piece was a futuristic catgirl leaping from buildings...xD

Still, i tried to make it realistic-ish but as another lecturer/tutor LW once said,

"style is hard to change overnight, instead why not improve it further using simplified figure techniques" ~LW

i wish i could but the industry is especially cruel to visuals done using manga style orzlll

The general public has been brainwashed by westerners all these years that they feel much more comfy with the western style. Manga style is seen as low culture instead. How can i blame them? Tom, Dick and Harry these days can churn out [manga/NarutardxSasugay/SnapexHarryxDumbledore] art with little effort. i dare say it is over-saturated.

The irony is i'm beginning to see western cartoons moving towards this style. (e.g Ben 10, PPG, Avatar)

so i'm liek wtf?
screw you biatches ima doing what i like and you're not gonna stop me. i can foresee a bleak future for myself tho....

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