Saturday, November 7, 2009

Learn Respect

Saturday classes.

i wake up each Saturday morning loathing to take a 30 min drive to college for a less than 2 hour class, and then take another 30 min drive home. i find it extremely difficult to make myself get up from bed each time, and with intentions to skip class entirely to catch a few more hours of sleep.

Sadly, i got to play the good student role for a while more since i'm heading down to Singapore in another 2 weeks time during the weekends. Just for those who didn't know, TOA is a damn strict biatch with no exceptions when it comes to attendance. Skip more than 2 times and see you again next sem.


Ok enough of long-winded unrelated rants. Let's get to the point. As much as i hate having Saturday classes of South-East Asia studies, i learn to tolerate it. i keep telling myself it isn't the lecturer's fault to choose having classes on Saturdays. (Thanx to TOA for over-committing to the enrolment of new students)

Today, half-way through lecture, SB suddenly yelled in mandarin to the back of the class,


and stared with popping angry eyes. (note: lecturer's name is close sounding to that and leave it to students to come up with creative vulgar names for lecturers)

I got a shock and wondered what happened. It was only after class i got to know that some punks at the back of the class had the guts to say out loudly "Sau Hai" (which means skinny cunt in canto) while he was lecturing.

Come on people. Learn respect.

Bad enough today most of the students dozed off, occassionally having SB still humor them with turning off the lights for them to rest. There's only so much a person can take. How much further must they push the boundaries of tolerance before its limit is reached.

You might hate a lecturer for whatever reason, but there is a reason why he/she is the lecturer and not you. Take your dislike elsewhere outside of the class out of the lecturer's scope of sight and sound. You can do your bitching during lunch hours, on the phone, on msn, or even on blogs but please, not within range of the lecturer.

They are human too. You stab they bleed. You think they are happy teaching a bunch of uninterested students like us? They have families to feed too mind you.

Learn your place in the world. Learn respect.

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