Monday, August 10, 2009

K-ON! Mio!

The initial rough sketch after trying to capture gesture with strokes

Oh shi....i only knew she was left handed after i finished outlining

No problemo! Once i was done cging i flipped it.
Just gotta love working digitally.
'Horizontal Flip' for the win!

Added background and voila <3

Woohoo~! Finally finished this. This be Mio from the anime K-ON! It's for my new doujin group "SURFACE". Will be printed and sold during GACC which is this weekend!

Time to concentrate on Gan's final assignment now...


  1. wah...not bad..kaizeru,your Mio look very mature...but i like pcmaniac more which is more Moe(but like your also)..and be careful in Gacc,because the H1N1 is very serious in Malacca..i can't go for Gacc,but may be we will meet at CF 2009..really hope can join "Surface",but my art skill is still very low...need more pratice like you said and need coment from senpai like you..feel free to look about my DA(Da name:Suzumiyasaito)..actually we meet at Daicon..the one who wear the minorin shirt and stay a long time in your boot looking pcmaniac drawing..learn a lot watching he drawing..haha

  2. Hello! Your drawing from Mio (K-On!) - really cool --> I like it very much!

    Greets from Austria, Ulli