Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another one to the collection

Caught up with some Monash-ian friends last Sunday and watched Ice Age 3. Squirrel dood for the win!!! Went for dinner after that and spent time catching up on the years we haven't seen each other

I got a wonderful cap from Australia as a gift from a dear friend!

I like collecting hats, and my fav kind happens to be the ones where the top is flat instead of rounded. I got about 5 pretty unique caps currently + the one i just got from a close friend.

Rushed home at night for an all-nighter date with a board game final project for CGPP.
Will make another post for my assignment works later.

Handed the darn board game to the print shop on Tuesday. Now to wait for the results of printing, write a rationalle for it and i'm done with the tedious subject.

What we did for life drawing class on Tuesday was awesome. We had a practice where we drew our friends by not looking at the paper. All their faces turned out distorted but still recognizable as the person itself XD

I found Beng's one to be the most hilarious, thus the pics below.

Chair's rendition of Beng

My renditon of the retard xD

I think this is how caricatures were born....

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