Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gothic Lolita

Oh my sweet fetish, gothic lolita <3

how i missed thee i have a thing for laces, frills and straight fringes.
i feel that it brings out the elegance and femininity of women.
i plan to start spamming gothic fashion in my art again.

Here's another step by step on how i work through my stuff from scratch

The very initial rough sketch. i like to use diff colored outlines so that i don't mess things up.

Outlined the figure.

Outlined the background.

Filled in the basest colors and started shaping out the shadow areas before i start detailing.

Touched up the shadow areas and added a heavier tone to the darker areas. Tweaked the color to a bit less saturated.

Added the shading for the background. Again i darkened some shade areas and tweaked the colors until i was satisfied.

i realised how i missed cging in cool colors. Lately all i've been doing is color in warm, reddish purplish hues.

i used to shun gothic lolita fashion when i was first introduced to it. That was around 6-7 years back when i was still pretty shallow (still is now). Every time i see someone posting artworks on this theme i didn't spare it a second glance. I thought then this style was dark, scary, taboo-ish. I had no idea why i thought that way at that time.

Now? i dig it. i give thanks to the day it was founded. if i ever get a gf she'll be unfortunate enough to end up being dressed in this fashion at least once by me. (i hope)

*ahem*........ anyways, what i was trying to get at is that to keep minds open at all times. Don't turn down something the first time. Give it a chance to digest in the mind and by then it's your choice not to like it. i learnt not to judge something immediately now but to look indepth and give it a chance before signing it off.

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