Friday, April 10, 2009

MY PANTIES GOT STOLEN *GASP*, not mine exactly. I'm actually quoting the person who did the works below lmao. It was on his msn personal message and i couldn't resist XDDDD

fuuuuu~~~~naise view ladies~~~!!

I guess many of you will be familiar with these (in)famous works you saw at the main block of TOA, positioned at just the perfect spot below the staircase. You might be wondering what it was for and why was it there in the 1st place. Remember History of Art? where we had to exhibit our works. Difference was this was for History of Art 2. He chose dada-ism and some other stuff which i can recall and his idea was all about voyeurism and porn. Stephen likes his idea but says the execution is lacking to back it up.

So, after his presentation and stuff, when he wanted to retrieve it.....


I think many people have already been eye-ing to steal it and might already be hanging it on their room ceilings now. Well since he still has the digital files it wouldn't hurt him much but still he spent money printing it and mounting it lol. Curses to whoever who stole it quicker than i did opps.

So anyway, this post is dedicated to him, so i'll provide a brief introduction of the said artist of these magnificent pieces of gems. He goes by the name of Daniel (no not the racist Daniel of class CD85) or better known as Nekonya as his pen name for the doujin group i'm in. He is my partner in crim.....arms who used to compete with each other in producing godly CGs (godly only applies to him). Currently he's taking the degree programme and entered TOA at the same intake as me.

He is the first fella whom i shared my lousy cg knowledge with yearssss back when i was starting out as well. It was funny how it all started. I saw his sketches in forums and i saw great potential within him. I was like "Wow, if this fella were to cg, the world will bow to him". Then i went and CG his sketches to prove that point and somehow we clicked after that.

Today, he proves me correct and is really a case of student surpassing a lousy master. So let this be motivational advice to any of you reading this. Do not be easily discouraged by the greatness of your masters (yes Xiao Qing, I'm referring to you), instead work hard and you are bound to surpass or be equals to them one day. But make sure after you have surpassed them, help to pull them up too and vice versa ya.

Anyhow, if you are reading this Neko, get that lazy ass off gaming and produce more gems like the ones you did for HOA2 pls. I miss my cg partner....


unrelated piece of work which i just finished for my commissioner.

What is this tinging pain i feel within myself when i look at the work i have just done.
I think i hear the winds whispering * ronery*
hmmm.....might be my imagination.


  1. accept mushy commissions? *has an evil idea*

  2. LOWUT


    I mana surpass you =w=;; Your CG > Me always =w= Crazy bugger lol

    I miss my panties ;A;