Friday, February 3, 2012

Time and again

Whoa it's already been about 3 years since the existence of this blog. Time flies when i'm busy not noticing it. Looking back, i sometimes ponder to myself how much have i changed since those embarrassing entrees. Years down the road from now, i might still be thinking the same. Guess this is part of growth again.

Time to time, i feel like putting in an entree for this blog, but always tend to procrastinate it because it felt cumbersome to log into this account. (I was permanently logged into my youtube account, and this blog was on a diff account...) But then since i utilize 2 web browsers these days, i thought why not log in permanently for the other browser.

Hence, a feeble attempt right now to resuscitate this sad sad forgotten corner of the internetz. This blog's purpose has changed over the passing of moons, from WIP step-by-step entrees to personal diary, and then to rants & whines, and back to dumping some doodles occasionally when i feel like it. I'm not so sure what sort of whim and fancies will pop up now that i have decided to revive this redundant space. Maybe a short update on what i have been up to in the duration of MIA.

Hopefully though, i have less of an excuse to not drop entrees now that i have gotten rid of the cumbersome log in problem.

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