Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gain Some, Lose Some

Lately, almost a year after graduating, i realized that what i learnt in college was just the tip of an iceberg. I'm slowly beginning to become aware of a lot of things that weren't clear to me while i was still learning them in classes.

Probably, that might be due to the nature of the education system i went through - tight deadlines, and meeting the expectations of others rather than self. i found that it was hampering actual learning abilities during those times. But it might not be entirely the system's fault, as i feel that i was pretty slow in picking up new things as well.

Thankfully i had at least been introduced to how certain things should be done. The rest is mostly up to myself to find out and improve on. What was really useful was the exposure to certain methodologies that i find most important of all during my years of education.

In retrospect, i was lucky that i tried my utmost when doing my stuff, although at times the task was not up to my liking. Thanks to that the pointers given then has slowly resurfaced to a new understanding.

In the process of polishing the areas that i need working on right now, i realized too that some of the things that i could do years back, i might not be able to do so easily now. Part of me wishes to retain those old skills, but that just pins me down to my comfort zone.

I guess i should stop worrying about that anyway and start focusing on strengthening my basics for now. There's still a lot i need to explore on, and it is truly fortunate to have many peers and seniors that are guiding me along the way. I do hope to reach their standards one day.

The road is still long, but step by step i will try to reach the end. At my own pace.

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