Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lecturer LW once said that he truly picked up a certain set of skills about a year after he first learned it. He told us to bid our time and we will eventually come to see fruit too. I am finally able to relate to what he meant then, as I too, am beginning to familiarize with those skills although i have not touched it for ages. I guess as I went along i must have polished it without knowing it and eventually came to a sudden realization to its application. I am far from mastery but at least I am grasping it. Ancora Imparo - I am still learning.

Signing off with a quick 30 mins doodle of Hakutaku Keine from Touhou.

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  1. That looks pretty damn good for a sketch.
    BTW, the touhou wiki has moved to http://touhouwiki.net , this post is pretty old though, so I guess you must know that already by now. (^^;;