Thursday, September 30, 2010

Down with It

An accumulation of things this past week, has finally made my body succumb to the forces of nature.

Been shifting things in and out of me and my bro's room to get our floor tiles fixed. Had some problems with the tiles turning loose after we moved in for a year plus. Had to forebear a few months of having creaking tiles like the traps of Prince of Persia game.

And finally, just last week contractors came over to get the tiles fixed. I think i inhaled a year's supply of dust that has left my nose swollen and dripping on a daily basis. Shifting furniture in and out of the rooms were the worst part of the whole fiasco.

While typing this blog entry, i am on my 4th day of camping in my brother's room. His was the smaller one and so had it fixed before mine. And i was rejoicing that i would have mine back tonight after some shifting of furniture back in. (thanx bro for putting up with a shitty room mate that messes up your room further and whines like no tomorrow)

But gawd damn contractors failed to show up today to do the finishing touches. THEY JUST NEEDED TO PAINT THE DAMN FINISHING ON THE WALLS. ANGRY KAI IS ANGRY -_-

Another day i would most probably have to spend my weekends this week like the last, to move stuff back in and reorganize my room. I'm seriously lagging behind in college works thanks to this. I'm barely getting by with the half-assed works i've been showing. Not to mention it is already hard as it is to get my arse motivated.

Thanx to all that flaming anger, i burnt myself out today and fell sick. Sweet.

On a happier note, new chapter of One Piece is gonna be up soon in a couple of hours.

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