Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Computer Problems Pt. 3

Part 3 i think....since i started this blog

Give me just another week...i need to finish up my finals before you kaput.

i am never spared from computer break downs every sem. Without fail.

i seem to have a running curse with computers. My old one kept giving me hardware failures. MY NEW ONE IS STARTING TO DO THE SAME. and its barely 2 years old...what am i doing wrong -_-

i think without the help of my bro i would have given up long ago and changed like 2-3 new computers within the span of 3 years, 1 for each year. He wasted as much time (if not more) than me trying to troubleshoot the shittiest problems i always face with my computers. What would i do without him D:

This is why i hate hardware and just get by with the bare minimal knowledge of running and troubleshooting this hunk of metal.

aih. so sick of this i barely have the mood to do my work now. Back-upping as much important stuff as i can right now while i'm typing this. Screw digi illust finals for now.

Nothing ruins my mood more than computer problems. Life sucks when you know you have to depend on something unreliable to get past your life.

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