Sunday, May 9, 2010

All Good Things Must End

...and that is my sem break. Time to face sleepless nights again starting tomorrow.

My whole holiday has been a fruitful time for me to recuperate and work on personal projects plus commissions to fuel my expensive hobby of figurines. So i totally screwed doing any of the assigned holiday works ahahaha. I'm so gonna get it but i think i'm not alone in this so yea :/

I was working on some pieces of stuff for a Touhou artbook together with my doujin group, due for printing around June. Deadline was pretty long, since the beginning of this year actually but due to my own tight college schedule i only managed to get some of it done during the 7-week-break.

Needless to say when i eat, sleep, play or what not i was always thinking about Touhou stuff. Thanx also to the constant pushing from the other members to keep me motivated throughout the entire break.

Here are some super small thumbs of what i was up to during my whole break, in the order of how i posted it. No high res will be up for now until the book is officially printed and sold ^^;;

I'm gonna have to go back and retouch-up the older ones orzll...
With each new piece i produce i feel that my previous pieces lack completeness. But not now since quantity is an issue. I promised 6 pieces but ended up assigned 10 now because of some others who promised to produce more...

Since sem has started...i can't promise anything but try to work towards that 10. Hope i won't burn myself out D:


  1. Wa can publish so nice! =) Where can find this kind of book after publish? How long you take to draw one of this?

  2. lol self publish one la. Print in China then ship back here. Sell during small anime/manga conventions. Take about 1 week each coz i lazy :P

  3. Wah self publish. YENG!!! I want to learn how to do that! Is it difficult?

  4. lol just need to find cheap and good print shop. in this case china farking cheap xD

  5. omg! Can't wait to c 3rd n 5th pieces! Looks so awesome with the small size *shot* =P gud luck with the other 4 pieces! XD