Friday, February 5, 2010

The Simplest

Designed a simple mascot for a simple site called the simplest which i did a quick favor to a simple friend who e-mailed a simple message to me requesting for my simple skills. That's a lot of simples in one sentence phew. Anyways check out the site for simple stuff related to your computer needs, from handy software tools to tips and tricks to get stuff done easily with your computer.


  1. OMG Kai didn't know you made a post to promote my website :) Lol your first sentence got 6 'simple' words in it..

    You are the best artist in the whole world! ^^

  2. btw I draw the mascot's hand (to use in the front page) myself! (dun dare to ask for your help for this 'simple' task lol I think you will kill me..) hehe my first attempt in drawing since high school... O_O