Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dishonesty is the best policy?

My bro lost his wallet today. More like it got nicked 3 minutes after he was conscious he dropped it. He knew he dropped it when he got out of the car and when he checked his pockets, realised it was missing, went back for it in like the time span of a few minutes only to find that it had gone with the wind.

Take not what is not yours. Don't parents teach that to their kids anymore? Greed is seeping into the hearts and souls of the people around us now. Gone were the days of kindness and good Samaritans. Finders keepers is more the norm now, or each for their own.

I heard that in Japan you'll still find your belongings where it was even after hours of losing it. This shows how society has really deteriorated in this country. Ok la to be fair not only here but its the scenario common in many countries. Moral values are regarded as belongings of fools, and without it is the way to go in order to survive and 'climb the ladder of success'.

I would rather stay the fool and live with a clean conscious than know that my actions are harming others. Let us not be like them hmm Kay?

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