Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Year Anniversary!

Pfft...can't imagine i have been able to keep this blog alive for a exactly a year on today. Never thought that it would last more than a month when i first started. Let's hope it stays alive for another year eh?

New year, new stuff, new semester, new sinking feeling, same old me.
Been spending my new year paint chatting with my crazy art friends and wasting away precious time which could have been spent doing productive work. My engine has not warmed up yet.

Here's some of the doodles and stuff we did.

theme: Warrior girl, guess which is mine?

theme: Stationery girl. Meet erasers, staples, paper clips, sharpeners, 2b pencil and so forth. i want to be stapled (*´Д`) =3 -3 =3

theme: Vampire girl, Y SO SRS?

theme: Guns & girls. What is batman doing here...

Met some of the Degree course peeps and they totally give a different breathe of air. Refreshing.
That's it for now coz i don't wanna go into another rant post involving the hell i live in now.

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