Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Year of Rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year to all the folks celebrating it ^^

Panda looks so at home with those ears...

Nothing much to write about lately except that I've been constantly slacking off assignments and doing quite a bit of my own works xD. I keep telling myself that I will do some work today but end up always not doing it. TONIGHT FOR SURE I'M GONNA DO SOME!!!! PROMISE ;A;

Anyways, haven't been posting step-by-steps lately, so here's some.

Draft, don't plan to use outlines for this.

Straight on to the color thumb.

Using a single layer to paint the character. Slowly refining the pic.

Done refining the character.

Fixed up the panda and put in a simple background.

That's all folks. I have something else exciting to write about but can only do so around end of February. Have a great year ahead!

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