Sunday, January 16, 2011

Japan Trip Day 1 & 2

Me, my bro, PC and Kar Meng arrived in Japan at 11.00 pm and almost couldn't make it to our dorms that night. Fortunately we managed a last train ride halfway to our destination and took a cab for the rest of the journey which saved us $$$ for having to take a cab straight from Haneda airport =A=;; Collapsed on the bed upon arrival.

We headed off to Shinjuku on our 1st morning to check out Kinokuniya at Shinjuku. We took our time familiarizing ourselves with the railway system on the 1st day, and we invaded a lot of convenience stores asking for directions. People there are super helpful even though we weren't buying anything xD (which we do feel bad about).

The view directly out of the South exit of Shinjuku station.

Ticketing machines at the South exit.

We somehow ended up lost at the back of Takeshimaya shopping complex.

...And was greeted with the sight of Docomo Tower.

Me and my bro had an 'awesome' lunch of Krispy Kremes nearby where we shot the Tower. There wasn't much of a choice for us since we weren't familiar with the train system here yet to get us elsewhere that has vegetarian restaurants. I'll never forget this meal. The Donuts were @$!@# sweet and due to some mis-communication, i ordered a dozen between me and my bro. Couldn't finish it and brought it back to the dorm later. @o@;;

It was getting dark and looked like it was about to rain at about 5 pm, so we decided to take the train back to Akiba. Spent a couple of hours there scouting around Toranoana and looking around the other shops at the main road. We were going to spend a whole day here on another day so it was just a short visit to kill time. Unfortunately no photos were taken here.

After that little trip, me and my bro split up with the other 2 and decided to brave the odds of looking for our dinner a few stations away, listed on a very helpful book we got.

i almost cried tears of joy when we finally found the place located at Kinshicho, just 2 stations away from Kuramae (where we were staying). We had our first solid hot meal in Japan and it really brightened our spirits after toughening it out for the day. It helped get rid of that donut after-taste we had in the afternoon.

The restaurant owner was a Taiwanese and boy, was i glad that i could finally have a smooth conversation with someone other than my gang. We packed off 2 bentous from that restaurant as a contingency plan for the next day in case we couldn't find food again. The bentou was a taste of heaven *A*

The owner let us take a pic of one of the dishes another table ordered. i'm salivating just by looking at this and remembering the food there ;_;

On to day 2!

Early in the morning, me and bro + Kar Meng who tagged along decided to head off to Sensoji Temple located at Asakusa, just a 20 minute walk north of Kuramae.

Can't help but notice this cool cop at a traffic junction.

Took a pic of a telecommunications tower on our way there.

We reached the market street that stretches out for a bit before reaching the temple. Lots of delicious foodstores, sweets and souvenirs can be found here.

Me and Kar Meng decided to have some soft ice, despite the weather being extremely cold at that time. We were off our knockers. I had sour plum and it was like the best ice cream i had in a while. There's this manner-culture-thingy in Japan though, that we aren't supposed to walk and eat at the same time. So we were asked to finish up at the store itself.

One of the market lanes off the main one. Still too early and most of the stores are still closed.

Getting closer to Sensoji Temple!


The altar directly after the donation box.

Donation box where we threw in a few some coins, clapped our hands, bow and paid homage/made wishes.

Mikuji, where we get our fortunes on a slip of paper after a donation of 100 yen.

Later in the afternoon headed down with the guys and Eddie to Nakano to meet up with our Japan-based friend Victor. We then eaded off to Nakano Broadway to pick up our Otaku goods. :D

Me and bro found the pioneer of vegetarian restaurants right in this place 16 years ago. It was wonderful!

2nd floor view of Nakano Broadway.

Wow?! There's actually a Games Workshop here that is actually crowded with players unlike some of the places i've been to in Australia.

We happened to pass by a small gallery in one of the floors of Nakano Broadway and took a look around since it was free entry. Stuff here are done in oilpaint and maybe acrylic. The staff took photos of us while we were busying ourselves taking photos of the gallery.

A close up on one of the works i like :)

Mandarake at Nakano Broadway that is so vast as to have things ranging from figures to music cds to artbooks. Most of the stuff are second hand stuffs that are hard to find anymore but they do have new stocks too.

Our living quarters for 4 on the first 3 nights there.

Living area of K's House is always wonderfully lively. Meeting and making friends with people from all parts of the world is part of the joy of staying at budget hostels.

I've been procrastinating far too long to post these pics up...also partially due to post-processing the pics (courtesy of my bro) and our so kind dead internet for a week. Stay tuned for more!


  1. omg omg!! d yaki stall with d ah ma~!! dammint i haven eat breakfast T_T and soft cream!!! in so many colors!!! *faint*
    lol~ Krispy Kream is much sweeter there than here? sweeter than Jco?? XDD quick! post up other photos as well!!

  2. Ahahaha, I miss Japan so much. The bento looks so good! Who cares if it's vegetarian!? I WANT *drool*