Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WDK 9111

My bro's car just got stolen couple of days back, on Sunday. He left his car at his friend's place in Puchong and car pooled to a photoshoot. Next thing he knew, the car was gone when he returned in the afternoon.

It's not a first case though, just a few weeks back his friend whose place he parked at also got his Myvi stolen. Plenty more were also stolen in between the time from that Myvi to my bro's turn. Seems like the police here can't do nuts. Security here has gone to hell.

But anyways, Toyota Corolla SEG only wei. Who would have thought that such an old car also they wanna steal. I dunno whether it is worth their time and effort butchering our car for spare parts to sell. Give problem to us only orz

Now he has to drive mine while i get chauffeured around by my parents to college. Very inconvenient but i will have to live with it for while grrrr. Now they can keep tabs on me when i choose to skip class.


  1. oh God! Puchong area noted. Cheras leh..so far so good guaa...

  2. We are living in a sick and dangerous world.

  3. iori @ you're one of those sick ppl :P

    Francis @ Cheras ar. Not car thefts but robberies la hahaha. Everywhere wants to get gated now.