Sunday, June 20, 2010

Colours of Dreams

HELL YEA! The sample pictures of our book has arrived! X.X
I just can't wait to get hold of a copy for myself. In another 2 weeks or so the books will be ready to make its debut in Singapore Cosfest 2010! (if all goes well i hope) I will not be attending Cosfest though and would have to wait for the others to bring it back from Sg.

Enough prattling for now, have a look at the samples :D

I'm quite excited coz this is the first time having my stuff along with my gang's printed in a book! I guess this is the only thing i might be looking forward to in a while.....


  1. praises praises! awesome-ness laa kai!

  2. Do they have online shopping for it? I want one =)

  3. wen @ thaaanx la hiao

    Tarnos @ yea when we get the stock on hand then we do international shipping :P