Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gothic Lolita again

Like i was saying previously, i'm on a streak for gothic lolis. Pity sem break ending soon or i would have loved to do more.

Going for the 'Sweet' Gothic lolita style this time.
Man i suck at drawing flowers.

Another step by step on how i work.
i'll go straight to the outline this time.

Filling in of basest colors. Each diff color on diff layer.

Beefed out some of the defining light and shadow areas.

Touched up the shadow areas again and filled in the base colors for the flowers.

Defined the shades and highlights for the flowers until i'm satisfied that it looks at least like a plant.

Added in more corny graphical elements into the background and touched up the gal.

Hmmmm, cavities yet anyone? Sorry for the dental bill it's gonna incur for you. ;D

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